Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Claim to Fame: The BS Show

While I don’t normally like to boast about my accomplishments, that’s all about to change. Freshman year, I decided to start my own television show, “The BS Show.” Through my fame and fortune, I have stayed humble throughout—mostly because there’s no real fame or fortune. But I take pride in having a TV show that allows me to express my passion—celebrity gossip, New York sports, television and movie news.
When people come up to me and say, “Thank you Brooke, I didn’t know Britney was back with K-Fed,” it reminds me of how Mother Teresa felt when she helped make the world a better place.

But in all seriousness, the show is supposed to be entertaining! I will post a few of my favorite shows in this blog, starting with one that garnered the most popularity. In fact I still receive calls requesting that this student, Luke, come back on.

If a student wants to come on the show as a "visitor" to sit in the "visitor's chair," I am all for it. So when one student e-mailed me about coming on, I didn't realize until he showed up that he was a 40-year-old Napoleon Dynamite look-a-like! Unsure if I should allow him to come on, the marketing major in me realized he would make for great television. Take a look and see for yourself!


Blogger SilverFresh said...

umm about the show...that guy looks creepy...for some strange and odd reason, i think he shouldve stayed to the left of the couch. nice set, i like the leapord curtains, remind me of desturbing images of my pops *thanks alot*

March 16, 2007 at 5:28 PM  
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